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Is it a Corporate Brand Design or a Corporate Identity?


Well it's neither. The truth is that we're talking about the brand or corporate mark, not a brand or entity itself. The brand has come to mean much more than the mark, which enabled a farmer to tell his cows apart from another's.

Today the brand is a combination of values, built from tangible and intangible elements - a reliable product, good customer service for the happy and unhappy, overall satisfaction, trust in the company, people telling other people how good it is - to name but a few. The mark itself is a memory aid, a signature that denotes the integrity of the product or service offered.


The Brand Mark

As simple as possible, memorable, and as unique as a signature. With the right visual cues to appeal to its audience and stand out from it's competitors.

Brand mark recognition is the short cut that a consumer uses to make a purchase decision. It is valuable.

FDC researches and analyses information - on the product or service, the company's values, market and audience - while applying intelligence and creativity. This defines FDC's route to the development of a unique and valuable brand mark.





Brand Mark Examples




Equus Human Capital

A new brand for a new human resources company. It entailed a whole new brand guideline manual for all Equus communications, from the logo through print material, and the website.

You can see this mark applied in the Web section.



The Wave - Oman - Logo image




The Wave – Oman

The branding and application of the brand at this flag-ship development on the coast of Oman at Muscat, encompasses retail, leisure and residential. Including luxury homes, 3 premier hotels, a golf course and marina. We took the existing identity and refreshed it, developing applications across a broad spectrum. Ensuring that the unique and beautiful location, architectural design and premium quality of the development was reflected through each and every expression of the branding.







A Network Management Solutions company set up from a spin-off of BT. Developing network testing, monitoring and emulation software tools, alongside network consulting expertise. Everyone was looking for solutions they could trust, hence Truth.

You can see this mark applied in the Web and Graphics sections.



Ward brandbook



Ward Homes

This is an update of an existing mark for a residential developer purchased by Barratt Homes. It entailed a whole new brand guideline manual for all Ward's communications, from the logo through signage, print material, head office graphics and the website.

You can see this mark applied in theGraphics section.






Originally a group of individually branded regional companies offering the hire of everything from a power drill to huge tower cranes. The task was to build a single national brand, working closely with the MD, Marketing Director and Group Board to unite the companies.






Craiglea Consulting

A marketing consultancy. The task was to work with the MD, to understand and translate his view of the company into a brand mark that reflected those views. We also developed and integrated a QR code into his company literature that could take a viewer, using a smart phone with the QR app, directly to the company website.







Big Beat Group

Owners of cool clubs in the UK. A distinctive mark that aligned itself with the audience.






Isle of Skye

The sea view, as you approach the island from the south, is dominated by the Black Cuillin mountain range. A graphic representation, applied to a Skye beach pebble - captured in a moment - that most evocative line, "Over the sea to Skye".

You can see this mark applied in the Graphicsand Advertising sections.


scotland the brand


Scotland the Brand

Quality food mark design for Scottish produce.


Graphic right rule image


Agricultural Solutions Farm Trek logo image



Agricultural Solutions Farmtrek

Sub-Brand mark for farm Agricultural Solutions demonstration farm day.




Inner Mineral logo image


Inner Mineral

Brand mark for natural health products store.

You can see this mark applied in the Web section.



Graphic right rule image

Ask Veronnika Logo image



Ask Veronnika

Brand mark for Agony Aunt website.

You can see this mark applied in the Web section.


Graphic Rule image


Crafty Cabinets logo design image




Crafty Cabinets

Brand mark for Home Remodelling company based in Florida, U.S.A.

You can see this mark applied in the Web, Graphics and Integrated sections.


Graphic rule image

Westerhill Homes logo design image

Westerhill Homes

Brand mark for Residential Development Company based in Kent, U.K.

You can see this mark applied in the Web, and Integrated sections.