Frewin Design Consultancy


How Frewin Design Consultancy turns business intelligence into Intelligent Design


Finding a solution starts with information. No great creative ideas ever begin with a blank sheet; they start with reams of paper covered in little black squiggles, otherwise known as words.


Thorough Research


To find those black squiggles - information on the brand, product or service, prices and distribution, markets, competitors and customers, successes and difficulties - we research and analyse all the information we can find and share our findings with you. FDC delivers strategic thinking and planning as the underlying rationale for the development of creative work to enhance the impact of your company's marketing communications. Through a methodology we term I2C3 - Information Intelligence applied Creatively and Consistently across Channels. This methodology combines research, knowledge, analysis, creativity, craftsmanship, passion and experience.


From that common base we seek, through creativity, to inform our audience. To develop within them an awareness and understanding, and to build a sense of empathy between the brand and the needs of the customer. You can review our portfolio pages by clicking on any of the following: Web DesignIntegrated DesignBrand DesignAdvertising DesignGraphic Design.


Because we believe it's better to develop an audience that wants to buy, than one that needs to be sold to.

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